Data Science, IT and Cloud… certify your students

Guest post from Dan Bowen Academic Programmes Manager at Microsoft

As a technology company our products and services are evolving at an ever increasing rate. We are seeing the need for roles in analytics, data science, machine learning, cloud architects, artificial intelligence and more. So how can we keep up to date and how can we train students in these emerging technologies?

Step in Microsoft Imagine Academy. Pick one of the four pathways – IT Pro, Productivity, Computer Science or Data Science. You can then allocate content to your students or staff and even get them certified on a particular pathway (Microsoft Office Specialist, Microsoft Technical Associate, Microsoft Certified Educator). A real industry qualification that they can use on their CV!


Recently we have also announced some great updates to the IT pro path which includes Azure fundamentals, cloud architecture and more. Train your staff, students and even retrain your community! Why not even start to do some machine learning with your students too (see our fantastic case study below):


Imagine Academy can be bought via you LSP partner in Australia and costs just under $2,000 for any size institution from TAFE to University  and from K-12. There is content for everyone. So why study online when you can study and be certified with industry level qualifications. Give it a go!

Our mission at Microsoft is to equip and empower educators to shape and assure the success of every student. Any teacher can join our effort with free Office 365 Education, find affordable Windows devices and connect with others on the Educator Community for free training and classroom resources. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter for our latest updates.