Getting serious about STEM?

Microsoft helps educators and students to explore, invent, prototype and solve authentic STEM problems using real-world technology.

As a technology company, Microsoft is passionate about STEM education. We’re enthusiastic to welcome the next generation of app developers, game designers, Artificial Intelligence experts and coders to the workplace. And we’re excited by what they will imagine, invent and create.

To prepare them with a future skillset and to  help educators gain the knowledge and confidence to engage them in meaningful STEM learning, we provide a suite of resources, platforms, tools and devices – all designed with modern STEM learning in mind.


Supporting learning at every step of the STEM journey

We’ve identified four critical stages in the STEM journey where Microsoft programmes and technology can make a real difference.

1.Inspiration for educators

It takes skilled and inspired educators to prepare students for the exciting STEM opportunities that lay ahead. You can get plenty of support by joining the Microsoft Educator Community , becoming a Microsoft Certified Educator or joining the Microsoft Showcase Schools program.

  • Microsoft communities and programmes enable visionary STEM educators to share best practice and inspire others to try something new.
  • Microsoft partners offer STEM solutions, training, technical support and advice

2. Preparation for students and educators

From basic digital literacy to advanced computational capabilities, we help you skill students for the ideas economy.

  • Microsoft professional development programmes like Imagine Academy help educators deliver on digital literacy curriculum in schools.
  • All educators can gain certifications to increase the depth of their knowledge.
  • Microsoft courses like our Virtual Academy and certifications help students boost their job readiness with industry-relevant skills.
  • Ubiquitous Microsoft technologies such as OneNote allow students to organise, problem solve, collaborate and design STEM solutions

3. Experimentation for students

We equip STEM students with powerful software, tools and devices that bring out their inner inventor, developer, scientist, engineer and visionary.

  • Powerful software and free tools let students design and code games, apps and immersive environments. They can code using professional software used in industry to create solutions for any platform including the Azure cloud.
  • Windows devices are built for STEM. Students can easily work with equations and formulae with a digital stylus, and use USB ports to connect microscopes, thermometers and sensors.
  • Windows 10 Runs on Xbox and Raspberry Pi, so students can even create for the Internet of Things.

4. Showcasing for students

We provide both local and global forums and opportunities where STEM students can share achievements and build their careers.

Download the Microsoft and STEM flyer here to learn more.