How Schools can better prepare students for the uncertain future

Microsoft in Education recently held School Leadership breakfasts in 5 capital cities, hosted by US expert and Ph.D. Dr. Gary Stager.

The theme for this event series was ‘How Schools can better prepare students for the uncertain future’. Gary has spent the past 35 years helping schools around the world embrace technology as an intellectual laboratory and vehicle for self-expression. During his presentation, he raised thought-provoking questions such as:

  • Why is making and STEM-based learning so important?
  • As an educator, what’s the smallest seed you can plant to help kids minds to blossom?

After the event, we hosted a live Facebook session with Gary and Travis Smith, Teacher engagement manager. If you have not already seen this, click here:

Find out more about Gary’s book Invent to Learn by visiting the website or learn more about Microsoft in Education, and Surface in Education.

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