Sharing Feedback Using OneNote

This is a guest post from our MIE Expert Andrew Webster. Andrew is a Secondary School teacher and e-Learning Facilitator based in Brisbane, Australia. View his website here.

We know from evidence that feedback has a major impact on learning. The use of OneNote, a class Notebook and digital inking means teachers have a range of feedback options at their disposal. This blog will go through all these options, from the basic to the advanced. ​
1. Student completes draft in OneNote page – use typed comments or digital inking

2. Student completes draft in word – open and insert comments

3. Student completes draft in word – insert as printout

4. Audio feedback

5. Checklists/criteria sheets

6. Video feedback – Office snip

7. Video feedback – via screencasting software and using sharing links

8. Feedback on hand written work using OneNote – Office Lens

9. Digital stickers

10. Peer feedback

11. Two way feedback

12. Feedback using your own comment bank

13. For fun – rainbow pen!

Additional tips and tricks:
1. You can do all of the above for PDF, Powerpoint and Excel files – all these can be inserted into pages as printouts.
2. A good practice, especially for drafts, is to email the page to the student after completing the draft. This is a simple click of the ‘mail recipient’ button shown below. This ensures there is a paper trail and the student cannot delete any of your inking, audio or video comments and say you did not provide them with any feedback.


3. Make sure you are using a class notebook and that you distribute a section (assignment drafting?) and page (draft term 1?) to the students individual notebooks. You then need to tell them to insert/complete their work in that specific section and page. This allows you to use the review student work function correctly.

When you start collecting student work in OneNote a range of possibilities emerge in terms of feedback. You can use all of these feedback techniques in any combination depending on the year level and subject you teach and the assessment item.

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