52 campuses, one cloud: how TAFE Queensland retook control of its relationships

Educational institutions require much more than solid teaching to stay in business and thrive. With more than 120 thousand students attending 52 campuses, TAFE Queensland relies on strong relationships with a network of commercial partnerships to sustain profitability and demand. Government agencies and larger enterprises often seek out institutions like TAFE Queensland for training services, making them a critical part of the organisation’s long-term growth strategy.

However, maintaining those relationships proved challenging for TAFE Queensland due to the sheer number of campuses and students in question. The institution had begun to experience inconsistency and overlap in how it communicated with its commercial partners, caused by a fragmented approach to tracking enquiries, data, and revenues that differed in each campus. TAFE Queensland’s leadership realised that the institution needed a single source of truth for all commercial relationships, across all campuses–one which would enable a more consistent quality of service and keep staff from overlooking or losing new opportunities.

One CRM for total control

Working with education-tech partner Ecleva, TAFE Queensland sought to transport all its customer relationship management (CRM) functions onto a single platform. The institution’s IT team knew that to succeed, however, the new CRM platform would have to be simple to use, easily accessible, and secure enough to host sensitive customer data with total compliance. Ideally, the platform would also provide some degree of intelligence and automation to the relationship management process. That would help staff better manage the complex and fast-paced transactions often occurring between the TAFE and its partners.

TAFE Queensland opted for Microsoft Dynamics 365, supported by Microsoft Azure, based on its flexibility and simplicity. Not only did the platform meet the institution’s strict data security requirements, it also offered an ease of use that delighted the 300-plus staff members who needed to adopt the platform. And as a SaaS offering hosted in the Azure cloud, Dynamics 365 also ensured accessibility to its data from any device or endpoint, without the risk of creating inconsistencies or irregularities in reporting.

“Putting CRM in the cloud makes sense because no partnership is managed by just one person. It takes an entire team to successfully build and mature these relationships over time,” says Microsoft. “With Dynamics 365, organisations like TAFE Queensland have just the one place to track, update, and gain new intelligence about the state of their customer relationships. Any member of the team can easily view the status of a certain partnership or transaction, and ensure that their latest engagements are clearly visible to the rest of their team.

“When you’re working across numerous campus sites and high volumes of transactions, the cloud is almost an essential to maintaining healthy relationships with your customers.”

Smarter, savvier relationships

TAFE Queensland now uses Dynamics 365 to track all commercial activities and contracts throughout its state-wide operations, helping sales teams identify potential opportunities for new sales and deeper partnerships based on the latest data. The platform stores all data relating to the TAFE’s leads, contracts, and tenders, along with records of marketing and business development engagements, for staff to approach both new and longstanding relationships with as much awareness as possible.

The institution has also begun using Dynamics 365 to report on and even automate key business functions, giving commercial and teaching staff fresh insight into how to align their skills and curriculum development with partners’ underlying needs. Perhaps most importantly, Dynamics 365 has successfully consolidated all customer relationships across the TAFE’s 52 campuses onto the one platform. That has resulted in much higher and more consistent satisfaction amongst partners with the institution’s service.

“TAFE Queensland needed a central view of all commercial engagements and that’s what this solution delivered,” says TAFE QLD. “Dynamics 365, combined with Ecleva’s domain expertise in education enterprise applications, has given us a consistent foundation upon which to keep building our partnerships and TAFE Queensland’s reputation. Adopting a single cloud-based CRM across all campuses has proven much simpler and more cost-effective than we would’ve previously thought, and offered us new intelligence sources that are already taking our partner relationships to a deeper level.”

Microsoft partner ECLEVA is an Australian-based, leading expert in developing business technology solutions for different sectors. The company’s EduRe suite of applications, designed for universities and TAFEs to enhance their commercial and student relationships, are built upon the Microsoft Dynamics 365 and Azure platforms.

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