Coding with Cumberland High School!

Coding with Cumberland High School!

This is a guest blog from Martin Andrews from Cumberland High School who has been using Microbits with his students to code on the Microsoft platform.

Microsoft’s Academic Programmes Manager, Dan Bowen visited the school on Tuesday and inspired me to try some coding with my students.

The Year 11 Music class were met with a worksheet and a MicroBit. The worksheet contained some simple code that represented a bar of music. Students had to analyse the music and the code and then work together ‘unlock’ the mysteries of the code that represents music.

The students edited the code to see how it would change the output of the MicroBit. Through experimentation and team work, the class worked out how to code different melodies. The students each coded a different bar of music, that when played with the others, forms a piece of complex, layered music.

Together, the class performed an arrangement of Matthew Hindson’s ‘Technologic’. A piece that is based on a number of repeating motifs that start at different times. Each MicroBit was programmed with a different motif. The students were then motivated to do more than the task required… They worked out how to program a different tune onto ‘button b’ and how to change the image that was displayed on the Micro Bit.

Some quotes by the students at the end of the lesson: “That was pretty rad.” “Can we do some more of that sir?” “I want to program my own image.”

Our mission is to get some other classes coding! There are so many educational opportunities that the MicroBit can help our students access.

Mr M Andrews
Head Teacher
The Faculty of Arts
Cumberland High School


Microsoft run the MakeCode website. If you are working with Microbits you can use this website to enhance your learning!

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