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The Inclusive Classroom

Presented by: Troy Waller
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Microsoft’s mission is to empower all people and all organisations to achieve more. The classroom is no different. Microsoft Windows and Windows-based applications like Office, together with other assistive technologies, offer features that make computers easier to use for everyone – giving teachers the opportunity to provide personalised learning, and students an improved experience and equal opportunity in the classroom.

In this webinar you will:

  • see how Windows 10 and Office 365 can transform their students’ educational experience and personalise learning;
  • experience Learning Tools watch it improve reading comprehension and writing;
  • learn how students can demonstrate their understanding using inputs other than keyboarding and text and be equipped with productivity and collaborative tools, and skills they will use throughout their lives.


Intune for Education – Overview and Deployment

Presented by: Georgina Siggins
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Manage and customise the experience for your Students, Classroom and School using a simplified Device and Application Management System: Intune.

Participants of this webinar will learn:

  • What Intune for Education is;
  • How it simplifies the experience for users and administrators;
  • What you need to get started with InTune;
  • How InTune can help drive a better classroom and learning experience.


Save Classroom Time – tools for planning, assignments & communication

Presented by: Megan Townes
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Looking for effective, easy ways to assess learners and challenge students to demonstrate higher level critical thinking skills?

In this webinar, participants will learn how to create lesson recordings, organize, grade, and assess work in Microsoft Teams and Class Notebook. You will learn how to use the Recording feature in PowerPoint as a formative assessment tool; see how Microsoft Teams and OneNote Class Notebook enables teachers to organize, grade, and assess student work with ease; and create a Form to quickly poll or quiz students and describe how analysing results in Forms would impact instruction.


Modern Device Deployment with Windows Autopilot

Presented by: Calvin Davidson
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Take the hassle and stress out of device deployment with Windows Autopilot. Windows Autopilot is a Modern Deployment tool that provides self-service device provisioning and enrolment straight out of the box, reducing the time and cost compared to traditional deployment methods. Join this webinar for an overview of Windows Autopilot to discover how it can benefit you and your school’s environment.


Build a Collaborative Classroom with Office 365

Presented by: Troy Waller
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This webinar is aimed at educators for whom Office 365 is relatively new and who are looking to implement solutions to classroom problems right away. It is designed to give educators an understanding of how Office 365 can provide the right environment for better learning outcomes. Educators will learn to become more innovative with cloud-based tools, regardless of the device they use.

This training will explore Office 365 and introduce educators to:

  • The Microsoft Educator Community
  • Office Online
  • OneDrive

Participants will be excited by the many tools Office 365 has to offer students and teachers. They will see how to use technology to improve instruction and meet the learning needs of their students.


Device Deployment with the Set Up School PC App

Presented by: Georgina Siggins
Register to watch on demand: Device Deployment – Set Up School PC App Webinar

Set Up School PC App makes Windows 10 Deployment easy.

This webinar will take you through the how simple it is to automatically join your Students’ PCs to your school’s network, enroll each device in Intune, install apps and control configurations and settings optimised for education, using a USB set up.


Manage Security and Identity with EMS

Presented by: Calvin Davidson
Register to watch on demand: Manage Security & Identity with EMS Webinar

Now included in Microsoft 365, Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS) provides the best in security, identity, and management tools. Join this webinar for an overview of EMS, its features and applications, and how it you can use it to protect and secure your school, staff, students, and information.


Introduction to Minecraft: Education Edition

Presented by: Megan Townes
Register to watch on demand: Introduction to Minecraft: Education Edition Webinar

This webinar is designed specifically for K-12 teachers who would like to introduce Minecraft: Education Edition into their classroom. Participants will learn why Minecraft enhances learning experiences for both students and educators, explore digital resources available to educators, and learn about the unique features of Minecraft: Education Edition. Most importantly, participants will learn how to construct learning around and within Minecraft: Education Edition by exploring lesson examples and resources.


Develop Computational Thinking and Problem Solving with MakeCode 

Presented by: Megan Townes
Register to watch on demand: Develop Computational Thinking with MakeCode Webinar

Pattern recognition, abstraction, algorithmic thinking, and decomposition are core thinking skills that apply to any subject. Join this webinar to learn how to integrate these components into any content area with Microsoft MakeCode projects— hands-on activities that engage students immediately.

In this webinar you will:

  • Appreciate that computational thinking can be applied to K-12 in all disciplines
  • Learn how Microsoft MakeCode offers students the opportunity to practice computational thinking


Understand the resources available with the Hacking STEM lesson plans.


Minecraft: Education Edition Deployment and Set Up

Presented by: Calvin Davidson
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 Minecraft: Education Edition Deployment Webinar

This webinar is aimed at IT staff and professionals who would like a deep dive into the technical aspects of Minecraft: Education Edition.

Participants of this webinar will learn:

  • How to acquire and deploy Minecraft in your school,
  • How to get a class up and running to best support your teachers and their learning objectives.


Our goal at Microsoft is to empower every student to achieve more and to do this we have a range of resources available to support educators in achieving better learning outcomes for all students. Find the right Windows devices for your students, deploy Office 365 Education with ease,  join our Educator Centre for free training and connect with others, or attend one of our MS Edu Meets or IT IQ Edu Meets workshops. 

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