UNSW’s Teams project brings Artificial Intelligence to student engagement

David Kellerman talking the auditorium for Microsoft Inspire

At the global Microsoft Inspire conference this week, Dr David Kellermann, from UNSW’s Engineering faculty, talked to the 25,000 attendees about the work that is being done to transform the classroom and learning experience, while creating a community of learners, at the University of New South Wales in Sydney

By replacing real ink and document scanners with digital ink, and then live streaming lectures, it led to more engagement for remote students. But the step change was when the learning journey moved into Teams. It gave the opportunity to move from a collaborative learning community to a full experience supported by artificial intelligence, with a 900% increase in student engagement.

The Question bot intelligent agent provides hundreds of students simultaneously with personalised support – whether they were asking a question with a comment, or simply taking a mobile phone picture of their assessment question to ask for support.

By analysing the data on the student journey, it’s possible to turn that into new material and highly contextual resources for each individual student. As David says in his talk:

“We automatically assembled 500 individual personalised, optimised study packs for every student, based on the prediction of not only their exam result, but their exam result for every individual question two weeks before sitting it”

Watch the whole talk here:

Video for UNSW’s Teams project brings Artificial Intelligence to student engagement

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