How schools can ramp up remote learning programs quickly with Microsoft Teams

COVID-19 has impacted the lives of people around the world. Many schools around the world are making the difficult decision to temporarily close for the health and safety of students, educators, and staff. Given this, schools are looking for ways to keep students engaged and learning.

Here are our top resources to support schools facing closure, including our dedicated Microsoft Remote Learning site, and for parents and guardians supporting learning at home.

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If you’re educating students online and need some help, drop into one of our virtual Q&A sessions where our expert team will be available to answer your questions.

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ON-DEMAND Webinars: Microsoft Teams for IT Pros


View the on-demand webinar series provide key information for schools and IT Pros on how to ramp up quickly with Microsoft Teams:

Webinars: Microsoft Teams for Teachers, School Leaders and IT Admins


If you missed one of our live webinars, you can now watch the recordings to learn more about Microsoft Teams for Remote Learning.

Microsoft Teams Webinar: Remote Learning for Schools and Teachers


Microsoft Teams Webinar: School Leaders – Preparing your School for Remote Learning

Microsoft Teams Webinar: IT Admins – Online education, Teams governance and life-cycle management

We want to support public health and safety by simplifying remote learning, and empowering educators with tech that helps foster a positive learning environment grounded in collaboration, creation, and connection. That’s why we’re providing Microsoft Teams for free to schools as part of Office 365 A1.

Microsoft Teams brings conversations, content, assignments, and apps together in one place. As a virtual meeting platform, Teams is designed to enable discussion, and its features allow for easy assignment distribution—no matter where people are located. Teams also helps school administrators and staff stay connected and allows for real-time sharing of announcements.

General Questions and Links


Where can I download Microsoft Teams?

Visit to download Teams to any PC, Mac, tablet or mobile device. You can also access Teams via Edge, Chrome or Firefox browsers at

Where can I download a printable guide for using Microsoft Teams?

Download the printable Microsoft Teams Quick Guide at

Teacher Questions and Links


What is the easiest way to meet virtually with Microsoft technologies?

The easiest way to stay in communication with students and educators is through Teams, whether it be synchronous or asynchronous. You can create Teams for classes or for groups of educators. Teams lets you chat, post messages and files, and video chat from any device. You can create a Class Team where you can schedule online meetings or start an instant meeting, @mention students or teachers to get their attention, post announcements, and meet online with your class for a lesson where you can share your screen or even collaborate in the whiteboard.

Can I record my lessons?

You can record meetings as well as play and share the meetings which also include automated close captions and transcripts.

How can I share content with students?

Teams goes beyond group communication—you can keep all your class files there, too. Each team you create means that all conversations, files, and collaboration are automatically saved in one place. You can share files in Channels (collaborative) or the Class Materials folder (read-only for students). You may also choose to set up the OneNote Class Notebook for collaboration and individual student work.

How can I assign class tasks and assessments?

Your class handouts, quizzes, tests, and homework can all be assigned and even graded online using the Assignments tool. Make an assignment as simple or complex as you need, whether you want to send out a quick comprehension check or lay out a research paper with a grading rubric and multiple resources. Assign Office files and quizzes directly within Teams that students can work on and turn in, without needing to leave the app.

What are some tools other than Microsoft Teams that I can use to keep students engaged in remote learning?

Transform your virtual classroom with lots more creative, interactive, and inclusive ideas. You might bring the class whiteboard online with Whiteboard or ask your students to weigh in on Flipgrid. Students could captivate the class with a narrative in Sway or even try some hands-on STEM activities using household items. You can check out the teacher guides for using most Office 365 tools here.

Is there training or professional development available to teachers online?

You can access the Microsoft Educator Centre for a range of free professional learning courses to help you deliver remote learning using Microsoft technologies for education.

Can Minecraft: Education Edition help remote learning?

Yes! There’s a range of Minecraft: Education Edition resources to support remote learning. 

If my school is NOT using Microsoft Teams, can I use other Office 365 tools to support remote learning?

Absolutely! From you can create or access all your files in one place using the cloud. Share files when you need to without getting lost in email chains, or work together at the same time. This way, you can stay in touch with other educators at your school and know that everything you need is backed up and accessible, whether you’re in the classroom or not. You might check out Office 365 trainingOneDrive Quick StartEasy lesson templatesCreate powerful presentations or mini-tour to learn more.

How are other teachers using Microsoft Teams in education?

Check out the Microsoft Teams scenario library compiled in Flipgrid. Created by educators, watch real examples of Microsoft Teams used in education.

Need more help getting started with Microsoft Teams?

Check out these webinars for setting up your class team and scheduling online class meetings.

Microsoft Teams Webinar Part 1 – Setting up your class team

Microsoft Teams Webinar Part 2 – Schedule online class meetings

Access our complete Microsoft Teams webinar playlist

Bookmark these remote learning resources.

Remote Teaching and Learning with Office 365

Microsoft Teams Teachers Guides

Online Courses for Teachers

IT Admin Questions and Links


Is there documentation to help IT admins set up Teams for remote learning?

You can find resources to set up Teams at

Is there a community I can join to learn more from the relevant Microsoft engineers regarding remote learning?

You can complete this form to join a Microsoft Teams where the engineers are sharing resources and answering your questions on remote learning.

School Leader Questions and Links


I don’t really know what Teams looks like and how it might help with remote learning.

The Teams Quick Start Guide for Education – downloadable PDF showing what Teams can do for remote learning. This might be worth sharing with key staff member involved in planning for remote learning.

How do we get Teams set up at our school?

Pass this IT admin link on to your IT team to get started

What should teachers think about to make engaging online / blended learning?

NSQOL standards might help guide the conversation about teacher practice online, and course design to ensure collaboration and activity based learning.

Is there any guidance for parents and families?

You might find some of this information useful, feel free to take some or all of this content to share with your community.

Live Streaming Learning Considerations for Teachers

We have compiled a checklist of Sample Online T&L Considerations to provide to teachers who are running live streamed lessons.

Teams Planning Template

Download the Teams Planning Document

Team Name English Faculty      
Owners HoD, Curric Lead      
Members All English Teachers      
Type of Teams        

Folders (under files in each channel)

Admin / Meetings 

Meeting Minutes

Master Curric. Docs

Year 7




Mandragora (text)


Year 8



BOY (text)

Romeo and Juliet

Year 12


Previous Exams

Persuasive Text



Parent and Guardian Questions and Links


What does my child need to sign into their Office 365 account?

Any student with an eligible school email can access Office 365 for free at where they can access Microsoft Teams, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and so much more. From here they can open Office apps in their browser or they can select Install Office to download the desktop versions to their own devices including PC, Mac and mobile devices.

How does my child join a Team?

Schools and teachers may manage the Teams setup process differently. To explore Teams and see which Class Teams your child is in, your child can sign in to Teams at and see the Teams they have been added to.

How will my child study, work and complete tasks in Teams?

Teachers will use Microsoft Teams differently to facilitate remote learning. Your child might contribute to class discussions through typed posts or video/audio discussion. Students may complete in-class quizzes, group work in collaborative files, reading of PDFs and websites, or watch pre-recorded videos on specific topics. With the assignments app built into Teams, you child can see the work their teacher has assigned, complete the work, submit the work, then see their grades and feedback. For ongoing day-to-day work their teacher may use OneNote Class Notebook where your child has their own private notebook to take notes, complete tasks, and even practice math equations.

Where can my child access help on how to best use Microsoft Education tools?

Students have a Help Centre made just for them! This website is all about showing students how they can leverage Office 365 for learning, engagement and creativity, with help on everything from the basics of using Teams to ideas for working on group projects. Visit to see how students can work best in Office 365 for remote learning.

How can I engage my children in learning activities at home?

Engage your children in these simple family-led learning experiences for ages 3-12. This collection of free activities have been curated out of educational resources from around the world and are available to access through the Microsoft Family Learning Centre.

Student Questions and Links


How can I get set up for learning remotely?

Any student with an eligible school email can access Office 365 for free at This means you can access apps like Word, PowerPoint, and Teams from any web browser. Some students will also be able to click “Install Office” to download Office desktop software to their devices including PC, Mac and mobile.

How do I work together with my class or a small group?

Microsoft Teams is a digital hub that brings conversations, content, and apps together in one place. If your teachers are using Teams, you’ll be able to collaborate in class and connect with your classmates, ask your teacher questions, work on your homework, and track the work you’ve got coming up. If your teacher uses Teams meetings you will be able to join the call and turn on background blur. If you’re not part of any Teams you can still use your OneDrive to create files and share them with your classmates. You might also use the Microsoft Whiteboard app to collaborate on ideas with your class or group.

How will I stay on top of assignments

If your teacher uses Teams assignments then you will be able to navigate, turn in, view the grades and even manage assignments on mobile. If you need support with reading, comprehension and written expression you can access Learning Tools across a number of Office and Windows tools. You can write great reports and essays with Microsoft Word, stage your story in PowerPoint or captivate the class with a narrative in Sway. If your teacher is using OneNote Class Notebook then there are a range of guides you can access to learn more.

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