ClickView integration with Teams delivers video power to teachers’ fingertips

If a picture paints a thousand words, then video must promise a library of learning. Australian educational video specialist ClickView has integrated its platform with Microsoft Teams, providing easy video access for teachers.

The timing is critical given the pivot to online learning that most of the nation’s schools are undertaking in response to COVID-19. Demand for online video is soaring – ClickView has already recorded 180,000 daily user peaks in Australia.

ClickView has developed and curated thousands of curriculum-aligned videos for primary and secondary schools. Every video produced by ClickView comes complete with supporting resources such as lesson plans, activities and worksheets, many with the option to add an interactive overlay that allows remote assessment of how well the student is grasping the content.

While ClickView has been integrated with OneNote for some time – allowing teachers to copy a ClickView link to embed video content in their lessons, the integration with Teams takes the ease of use of educational video to a new level.

Jason la Greca, Microsoft Australia’s senior program manager for Teams for Education said that the integration of ClickView with Teams, extended the opportunity to collaborate. “We wanted to bring that high-quality video in to make the lives of teachers easier and expedite that to help teachers with remote delivery. This is the complete package to get things done and support a rich learning experience.

“This brings high quality content right into Teams; there is no need to switch between multiple platforms or have multiple log ins. Within Teams you can augment the learning with a conversation around what the students have just watched. This is about simplicity and one place to deliver teaching and learning.”

Teachers using Teams can open apps, search for ClickView, then click on install. From there they can add a ClickView video to a chat without having to leave Teams. Full search allows teachers to scour all ClickView videos and embed the video into the chat to share with other teachers and students.

Questions about the video can be embedded in Teams allowing teachers to check on the progress of students, and assess how much they are learning, and which parts of the video they have watched and understood – and which parts they may have skipped over.

Curriculum coded content

Edward Filetti CEO of ClickView explains that the company creates as many as 250 educational videos each year, and works with around 70 specialist educational video content providers. All videos on the site are curriculum coded so that teachers can easily assess their applicability.

James Biddle, sales and marketing director at ClickView noted that; “Teachers are able to find content so quickly and know it’s educationally relevant and that there is nothing inappropriate.”

The platform also simplifies teacher access to TV, feature films and documentaries to support learning.

Besides providing ready access to a library of learning resources schools and teachers can also upload their own video content to ClickView. According to Filetti; “With COVID-19 we are finding people are uploading lessons for students and to share with the wider community,” and at present around 40,000 teacher created videos are available on ClickView. While the teacher forum is not moderated by ClickView – video content is reviewed, and often augmented with curriculum information and additional meta data to ease searching, before being made available for sharing.

Filetti said that there had been high demand from schools for the ClickView-Microsoft Teams integration.

According to Biddle; “Both here and in the UK we have seen a shift with schools moving to Teams more and more in place of an LMS (learning management system). The demand got quite substantial to release an integration for ClickView – almost every school in the UK has been asking for this.”

Filetti also noted a shift in recent weeks where students were starting to access the platform directly. “We are traditionally seen as a teacher tool – but now we are bringing students on in droves and students are jumping on the platform – our users are increasing every day.” The company has also produced a guide for parents and guardians to explain ClickView to them.

Besides the integration with Teams ClickView announced that it is using Microsoft Immersive Reader to display the text and read the meta data around the video. According to Filetti; “It’s nice and simple and enriches the content in the video.”



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