The Inclusive Classroom Parent Kit

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Microsoft Education provides a new tool for schools to inform and provide support for students, parents and care-givers.

The diversity of student learning needs demands schools provide inclusive, accessible learning environments that inspire confidence and encourage independence for each student. Microsoft Education’s Inclusive Classroom creates a personalised and engaging hybrid learning experience for all students.

The Inclusive Classroom Parent Kit

Connecting with Parents and Caregivers

Connecting and interacting with parents and caregivers is beneficial when trying to meet the individual needs of all students. Families and caregivers benefit from regular guidance from educators, both formally and informally. This communication link is crucial when families are implementing, reviewing, assisting, or even just encouraging students while they continue in their learning and development. To assist with this, Microsoft Education has created The Inclusive Classroom Parent Kit.

This kit guides teachers and school leaders to run sessions to inform and support caregivers to use various Microsoft Learning Tools with their children. The kit focuses on Immersive Reader, Office Lens, Dictate and Translator for literacy and EAL support.

The kit contains:

  1. Session overview
  2. PowerPoint presentation with detailed instructions
  3. Handouts to provide to parents as printouts or digital copies.

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