Accelerate your scientific breakthroughs

Scientists using a computer


Answers to the world’s biggest questions are hidden in datasets already available, but the cost of and expertise needed to interrogate them have been hugely prohibitive. Now, with public cloud even the smallest research teams have access to technologies that enable them to pursue problems in ways previously thought impossible.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning are revolutionising research, and scientists can undertake complex enquiry across increasingly intricate data – to discover elusive patterns, test theories against models and surface the findings that will change lives.

Enabling researchers

  • Unlock information in your data with analytics, AI, and high-performance computing on demand.
  • Support open, collaborative science with research partners located anywhere by providing access not only to your research data, but also to your entire research environment and code on Azure.
  • Partner with the innovation sector to commercialise ideas, on a platform of sustainable infrastructure.

Empowering university systems managers

  • Keep up with ever-expanding data demands from thousands of researchers, all with different needs.
  • Free yourself from the burden of expensive and rapidly obsolete on-premises hardware.
  • Feel confident knowing that you are in control of your university’s IP, with fine-grained controls to protect data access, integrity and reproducibility.

Ready to make it a reality?

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Research Grants

Through the Microsoft AI for Good program we provide research grants, technology and resources to empower those working to solve humanitarian issues and create a more sustainable and accessible world.


Digital Skills Training

Develop real-world skills through knowledge of cloud computing, AI, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing and Data. Microsoft can help with hands-on labs,  industry-recognised certification and faculty training.