We’re here to help you get back-to-school ready!

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Summer has always been a well-deserved break, but none more so than this year. To all teachers and educators who’ve been supporting our students—thank you.

As we look forward to the new school year filled with optimism for 2021, January brings a rush of emotions for teachers – a mix of anxiety for what lies ahead and excitement to hit refresh whilst drawing on the many remote and hybrid learning experiences from 2020.  

So that you’re armed with the latest Microsoft Education training, tips and resources to get your classroom back-to-school ready for the arrival of your students, we’re here to help.  


Back-to-School EduDay

If you missed our Back-to-School EduDay on January 20 all of the sessions are available on-demand so that you can catch-up at a time that suits you, or share with your colleagues.  Whether you’re looking to set-up your digital classroom, brush-up on skills, log professional development hours, or discover some of our Microsoft tools for the first time, there’s something for everyone.


Welcome to EduDay 2021 ‘Setting Up For Success’

Hear from Anthony Salcito, VP of Education at Microsoft as he welcomes Australian teachers to the new school year and shares his thoughts on the impact that teachers have on student learning and the future of Microsoft Education.

Setting Up Your 2021 Digital Classroom

During this session, you’ll get a sneak-peek of our upcoming product updates and new features for Teams, OneNote and other Office 365 including accessibility features. Gain insight into how these features can support your students in 2021.

Device Matters: The power of the pen and inking your thinking

There are often conversations regarding the true impact of technology on learning, and whether it makes a difference. Often, the wrong technology being used in learning can do more harm than good. This presentation explores the links between using a stylus enabled device and the cognitive science behind the process of learning.

Ways to use Minecraft: Education Edition in the Classroom in 2021

Minecraft continues to be the game of choice for many students across the world and teachers from around the world have discovered the wonders of using the game as a learning tool. See how you can use Minecraft: Education Edition in your classroom this year.

Windows App Smash

One of the best things about Windows is the ability to run apps. There are many apps in the Microsoft Store for education that are game changers for teachers and students.

Creating an Inclusive Classroom

Gain insight into implementing proven techniques to improve reading, writing, comprehension and mathematics in your classroom.

OneNote 2021 Teacher Planner

Teachers have loved using OneNote to plan and program for many years as it’s a great tool to plan, record and reflect. In this session, you will hear from Deputy Principal Bec West as she shares her new OneNote teacher planner and how you can use it to be more productive in 2021.

Setting up for Staff Collaboration and Communication

Collaborative learning is the cornerstone of student success, as is collaborative teaching and programming. Join this session to explore how teachers and schools can set up their online environment for effective collaboration and communication in 2021.

Supporting the Social & Emotional Learning of Students

As schools, educators, and students return to school in 2021, the right tools, training, and resources can help you support the wellbeing of your students.

EduDay Wrap Up & Resources

As we close out another EduDay event, we hope you gained valuable insight and support from our guest speakers. Join the event wrap-up where we reflect on the day and year ahead.

Participation Certificate

If you attended our Back-to-School EduDay on January 20, you can download your participation certificate.






Microsoft Educator Centre 

You can access free professional development through the Microsoft Educator Centre (MEC), personalised learning hub created for educators. It’s free to sign up and you can tailor your own learning, completing online courses at your pace and at a time that suits you. You can also earn badges and track your PD progress, including downloadable transcripts to provide to your school.  

There are so many free training courses, learning paths and teaching resources to explore. Here are a few of our top picks to help you in your back-to-school preparations.    


Inclusive classroom specialisation

Build accessible content and personalised learning experience to meet the needs of every learner.

Blended approaches for a modern learning environment

Discover ways to use Microsoft Teams to support students in different learning environments.

Office 365 Teacher Academy

Innovate with cloud-based tools, regardless of the device – Microsoft Teams, OneNote, Sway, Microsoft Forms & more.

Skills for the future, voice and collaboration

Utilise tools that build students future skills and social and emotional skills, setting them up for success.

Student-centered learning

Build student autonomy with tools that enable student voice and collaboration.


When it is time to say goodbye to the summer break and hello to your students, we’re grateful that so many of you see us as a resource for bringing continuous improvement and innovation into your classroom.