EduDay 2021 – Education lessons for today and learnings for tomorrow

Globally, the pandemic triggered the uptake of technology in education institutions at an unprecedented speed in the rapid shift to support students to continue their learning.

In many parts of Australia, we saw excellent examples of the shift to online learning and an acceleration of technology-rich classrooms due to lockdowns. Some other areas remained largely unaffected and had little requirement for remote learning.

At both ends of the spectrum, the pandemic has changed and shaped the world of work that today’s students will be moving into.

Our focus for EduDay 2021 centered around the theme ‘Education lessons for today, learnings for tomorrow’ where we asked questions like:

  • How has the world of work changed and how do we best prepare all of today’s students for this future?
  • What are the skills that students need to learn for their future careers?
  • What are the local and global lessons and best practices educators can take from those institutions that did remote and hybrid learning well?
  • What place does blended learning have now and into the future?

If you missed EduDay 2021, you can now catch up on our keynotes on-demand. Hear from our lineup of speakers including:

  • Anthony Salcito, Vice President – Education, Microsoft Corporation
  • Travis Smith, Education Industry Lead, Microsoft Australia
  • Megan Townes, Modern Workplace Specialist – Education, Microsoft Australia
  • Aaron Tait, Director of Innovation and Co-founder, Education Changemakers
  • Dave Faulkner, CEO and Co-founder, Education Changemakers
  • Jocelyn Brewer, Psychologist, Educator and Founder, Digital Nutrition
  • Our Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert (MIE:E) community

Through EduDay, we hope to inspire and support educators as they navigate and prepare students with the skills they require for a changed world of work.

Welcome to EduDay 2021 – Lessons for today, learnings for tomorrow

Welcome to EduDay 2021! Anthony Salcito, Vice President – Microsoft Worldwide Education, and Megan Townes, Microsoft Education Industry Specialist, reflect on how the pandemic has changed the way we all work, how it has shaped the future of work that today’s students will be moving into and how we best prepare them for this future.

EduDay 2021 Keynote & Panel Discussion – Preparing Students for the Changing World of Work

Register for this webinar on-demand where you will learn about preparing students for the changing world of work. Hear from Travis Smith (Education Industry Lead – Microsoft Australia) as he brings in special guests Becky Tyler (Head of Public Sector – LinkedIn, ANZ) and Karlee Scott-Murphy (Modern Workplace Senior Specialist, Microsoft) to discuss: 

  • How has the world of work changed and how do we best prepare all of today’s students for this future?
  • What are the skills that students need to learn for their future careers?
  • What are the local and global lessons and best practices educators can take from those institutions that did remote and hybrid learning well?
  • What kind of careers will exist in the future? 
  • What skills will be required to thrive in a hybrid version of work?

EduDay 2021 Keynote – Beyond Unplugging: Meaningful (digital) Wellbeing

In this EduDay keynote, hear from Jocelyn Brewer (Psychologist, Educator and Founder of Digital Nutrition) on:

  • An overview of digital wellbeing and the current research relating to our wellbeing in a digitally connected world for teachers and students.
  • The Digital Nutrition™ analogy of technology use being like food intake and ways to appraise your relationship with technology, apps and games for both leisure, learning and work.
  • The 5 digital dilemmas we face: distraction, dependency, displacement, deluge, dramas, and their antidotes to support educators’ mental health (without unplugging or digital detoxes).

EduDay 2021 Panel Discussion – Teacher Wellbeing

In our EduDay panel discussion our group of teachers reflect on the keynote delivered by Jocelyn Brewer on “Beyond unplugging: meaningful (digital) wellbeing strategies for a hyperconnected world.” Hear from:

  • Jocelyn Brewer, Digital Nutrition
  • Megan Townes, Microsoft
  • Nadia Merchant, Abbotsleigh
  • Peta Jorgensen, Hillcrest Christian College
  • Marianne Ferguson, Brisbane Catholic Education

EduDay 2021 Keynote – futurED: How innovative educators can change the future of school

In our closing EduDay keynote, co-founders of Education Changemakers, Dave Faulkner and Aaron Tait, will inspire you to create and implement powerful goals and changes in your school.

Over the last year, educators across the world have innovated and adapted their way through countless challenges and continued to offer life-changing learning for their students against the odds. Drawing on this incredible work, in our closing keynote for EduDay, Dave and Aaron will:  

  • Share inspirational stories from across Australia of teacher led innovations, as well as their own incredible stories of leading education changes. 
  • Highlight the short-term changes we have all experienced over the last year in education, and reflect on which of these are set to become the new normal in the years ahead. 
  • Equip you with easy to apply future-focused learning approaches to consider for your students. 
  • Support you with realistic and practical transformation approaches to assist you as you drive positive technology supported changes across your school.  

Microsoft Educator Centre 

You can access free professional development through the Microsoft Educator Centre a personalised learning hub created for educators. It’s free to sign up and you can tailor your own learning, completing online courses at your pace and at a time that suits you. You can also earn badges and track your PD progress, including downloadable transcripts to provide to your school.  

There are so many free training courses, learning paths and teaching resources to explore. Here are a few of our favourites.

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Minecraft: Education Edition Coding Academy

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Enrich the Learning Experience in Edge

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