Minecraft: Education Edition Across the Australian Curriculum

Students on minecraft education edition

We have published a series of videos for teachers to demonstrate how Minecraft: Education Edition can be used across all learning areas in the Australian Curriculum. Created by Steven Payne and Meg Pusey from Standout Education, these videos aim to inspire you to take and adapt these Minecraft ideas, lessons, and resources to use in your classroom. We have also included interviews with teachers from across Australia who are enthusiastically using Minecraft for learning and teaching.

Minecraft is the perfect tool to use in the classroom; students can explore and build together in a secure environment, whatever devices they use (Windows, Mac, iPad, or Chromebook). For teachers, there are classroom management features, tutorials and hundreds of ready-made worlds, lessons, and activities to use. However, teachers do not need to be expert Minecrafters (although many are) – teachers know the curriculum and how to teach it, students know how to play and work in Minecraft. Together the result can be magical!

While Minecraft can be integrated in individual learning areas, it works wonderfully in cross-curricular activities too: there are plenty of opportunities for students to work together to plan, create, explore, question, analyse, draw conclusions, propose ideas, use design thinking, communicate, collaborate, and reflect. Additionally, the collaborative aspect of building in Minecraft supports the development of interpersonal skills such as empathy, patience, and frustration resistance.

To find out further information and to download Minecraft: Education Edition visit: https://education.minecraft.net/

Explore hundreds of lessons created by educators around the world, for students of all ages: https://education.minecraft.net/resources/explore-lessons