Students can get Office 365 Education for FREE*.

How to download a FREE copy of Office 365 Education for school

Download Office 365 Education for FREE*

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Teachers have done amazing things to keep students engaged during lockdown. But as the months progressed, we’ve all seen that schools now need robust and efficient long-term solutions to ensure classes can be taught just as effectively from home in an uncertain future. And, just as importantly, that new learning experiences can be equitable, so that no child misses out.

Devices now double up as classrooms

Today blended learning (from home and school) has become an essential teaching and learning practice. Before lockdown devices were used in the classroom to enhance face-to-face experiences. During lockdown they became the classroom. A place to receive tuition, help from teachers, meet friends, submit assignments, find resources, and share learning tasks.

All of this has put greater reliance on software. Parents and carers understand this. It’s why sales of devices have increased as they try to give their children the best possible learning opportunity. And it’s why schools have sought practical technology to teach effectively, share learning resources and set and grade assessments online.

Office 365 Education for students

Making a success of blended learning is much easier when students have access to a rich suite of learning tools. With Office 365 they can:

Explore, develop and communicate new learning skills and competency – Office 365 Education provides a rich suite of tools for learning, practicing, creating, and demonstrating ability across diverse subjects, including full versions of Outlook (email) Word, Teams, OneNote, Excel, and PowerPoint.

Obtain school-to-work transition skills – on the most-used business software.

Learn from anywhere effectively – Microsoft Teams provides a hub for blended learning where students can:

  • Join in video classes and have a voice with tools that make it easy to raise their hand to talk, send a message requesting clarification, break out into small groups and stay connected to classmates.
  • Save homework, files, pictures and notes in a personal, secure storage space
  • Receive assignments, submit them and see their marks and progress
  • Access notes, video demos, diagrams or any extra learning resources uploaded by the teacher
  • Co-create on collaborative tasks, such as co-authoring in Word, PowerPoint or a shared Excel spreadsheet to encourage teamwork, discussion and engagement.
  • Join the conversation in Teams channels where students can help each other, and teachers can drop in useful resources and comments.

Download Office 365 Education for FREE*

Students at eligible institutions can sign up for Office 365 Education for free*, giving them access to Microsoft Teams, Word, OneNote, Excel and PowerPoint plus additional classroom tools.

Learn how to download Office 365 Education with our step-by-step video guide:

Schools: Share this information with your students, parents and teachers

Download the Microsoft Office 365 Education information kit which includes:

  • Microsoft Office 365 Education information flyer for students & parents
  • Microsoft Office 365 Education information flyer for teachers
  • Information to add to your school newsletter, email send-out, website and social media channels
  • Images and banners to use on your social media channels and website

* You must be a full-time or part-time student at an academic institution and:

– Have a school-specific email address provided by the school (e.g. that can receive external email.

– Be of legal age to sign up for an online offer individually.

– Have internet access.