Microsoft Student Accelerator enables students to jump-start their careers in Industry

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By Michelle Sandford, Developer Strategy PM (Azure), Microsoft Australia

Students want to augment the knowledge they are taught in TAFE’s and Universities with industry specific certifications and projects.

Microsoft Student Accelerator 2022

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The world we live in is continually changing and there is never enough time to absorb all that we need to learn to adapt and respond. Today’s students will be tasked with solving some of the most complex environmental, social, and economic issues of any generation in history, it’s no wonder they are feeling both awed and alarmed.

The good news is – they do not have to face these challenges alone. In Australia and New Zealand, we are relaunching the Microsoft Student Accelerator, a FREE program designed to empower students to kick-start their career in technology. Students can opt-in to a community learning and growing together. They can augment their academic qualifications with Microsoft Certifications in Data and AI, enabling them to build solutions on Azure and design effective responses to the world’s most pressing challenges.

Microsoft Student Accelerator supports students on their learning journey by providing exam preparation classes and exam vouchers. Exams usually cost USD99 but if you commit to the program, complete the learning path and take part in the class, you will receive a FREE voucher. Other workshops throughout the year will help you take what you have learnt and build on Azure – making your learning path practical and useful for the workplace. 

Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors, supported by Microsoft Experts, will teach exam prep classes enabling students to pass between 1 and 4 certifications this year. No pre-requisite knowledge is required and students from all fields are welcome. We offer a Low-Code/No-Code pathway for students wishing to travel a less technical route.

There will be workshops and seminars guiding students on the best ways to build on Azure using AI, IOT, Apps and Low-Code/No-Code platforms. Students can build between 1 and 4 portfolio projects, working in teams, problem solving, design thinking and building solutions. There are opportunities to learn together and build together, but also demonstrate their own strengths and ideas. The goal of the MSA is not to compete against each other, but to enable each other and raise each other up. Students teaching each other and demonstrating leadership skills are encouraged to apply for Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors whilst they support MSA with their skills.

But supporting the student journey is not all about the tech. Participants can look forward to a rich and layered experience designed to help them prepare for careers in industry through a series of thought-provoking workshops that will change how they see the world and their role in it. Career Panels, Industry Networking, Mentoring sessions, and connection to other Microsoft Student Programs like Protégé, Codess, Student Summit, Imagine Cup and more.

The Program runs from March to December with students being able to take what they have learnt and built into Imagine Cup 2023. Students who have built something they are keen to monetise might progress into Founders Hub, launching their own Start-up. Others might go on to secure Microsoft Internships or Grad Hire Roles. Gold Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors have a direct pathway to becoming MVPs (Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professionals).

Microsoft Student Accelerator is great for students in their first or second year of their qualifications, but final year (and one-year) students are also welcome. It’s possible to choose the path that makes most sense, opting into those activities where the most value will be found. But knowing that all along the student journey there is community, support, encouragement, and access to benefits that will enable you to jump-start your career with Microsoft at your back.

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