C-it B-it: Inspiring young people to pursue careers in STEM

When the Microsoft Surface and Education team spoke to high school students about the types of career pathways they could take after school, it became evident that the only limitation to their aspirations was what they had been exposed to.

So, we delivered a program to inspire young people to explore the limitless opportunities and careers in STEM – If you SEE -it, you can BE -it (C-it B-it). Run by Microsoft for the esteemed Surface Lighthouse Schools, the program was created in partnership with Education Changemakers to:

  • Introduce students to innovative STEM professionals from all different industries and career stages
  • Equip students with real-world, hands-on STEM skills, through a tailored workshop program, mapped to the Australian syllabus – (resources available for download below)
  • Build confidence to explore technology, and myth bust that STEM is far broader than just coding
  • Provided the opportunity and support for students and teachers to use new and emerging technologies

Macinley Butson (2018 NSW Young Australian of the Year) talks STEM to students

Macinley Butson, a 19-year-old inventor and 2018 NSW Young Australian of the Year, joined students to share her journey to an innovative and fulfilling STEM career.

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Access C-it B-it STEM Teacher Resources

Want to set your students on the path towards a rewarding future STEM career? Access our comprehensive C-it B-it STEM teaching resources.