Meet Canada’s Learning Development Specialist team

Meet the team of Canadian edtech experts who are excited to support you in the classroom this year! Whether you’re looking for a PD session for staff or some help leading students in a technology-based activity, the Learning Development Specialists are your go-to-team for free, in-person support in the classroom.

Here are a few of the areas where our Learning Development Specialists can share their expertise:
-Inclusive Education Tools
-Saving Teachers Time
-Game-Based Learning
-STEM and Coding
-OneNote, Office, and Windows

You can book a session with anyone on the LDS team at or reach out directly. But now, let’s meet the team!

Mario Asta is our program coordinator for the Canadian LDS Program. He comes to us from the classroom as an elementary educator and has spent the last three years with Microsoft in Education Canada. Mario is keenly interested in what integrating technology into the classroom means for 21st-century workforce skills. Reach out to him any time him via email, or follow him on Twitter.

Alexandra Le Marquand is one of two French-speaking members of our team, and the senior LDS for Quebec and Eastern Canada. Alex holds a Bachelor’s of Education at the elementary level. She’s passionate about how technology can revolutionize the learning environment. Send her an email, or see what she’s up to on Twitter!

Valerie serves Quebec and Eastern Canada and supports both English and French teachers. She’s a recent graduate of the Elementary Education program at McGill University, and she has a special interest in teaching all generations via experiential learning. Her mission is to help people better themselves by building learning environments that support real growth. Get in touch with her directly, and follow her adventures via Twitter.

Ammar Aquil attained a Master’s of Teaching from the University of Toronto and has five years of practical classroom experience with K-6 schools. He’s deeply interested in game-based learning, and the idea that commercial video games have value for classroom teaching. He serves teachers across Ontario. Get in touch with Ammar, and follow him on Twitter to keep up to date.

Coulter Lewis holds degrees in K-6 education and psychology, as well as a Master’s in Education. He’s taught in international schools in cities around the world, including Dubai, Melbourne, and San Francisco, and is an expert in integrating technology into everyday communication and classroom collaboration. Along with Ammar, Coulter supports teachers in Ontario. Reach out to Coulter, and keep in touch through Twitter.

Vance Beblow is our Learning Development specialist for Alberta and the prairie provinces. He’s taught grades 6-10 in Southern Alberta and loves working with teachers to help them revolutionize their teaching environment through technology. He’s passionate about integrating technology into the classroom experience. You can get a hold of Vance directly here, and see what he’s up to on Twitter.

Based in Vancouver, Toby Sheldon serves teachers in British Columbia.  He holds degrees in physics and education from the University of Alberta. Toby taught high school science and math for five years and moved into a school leadership role before becoming a Learning Development Specialist. He’s excited about coding and technology, and how bringing those elements into the classroom prepares students for the future. Send Toby an email, and keep updated via Twitter.


We’re so excited for you to connect with the Learning Development Specialists, and they can’t wait to support you in the classroom! Book a session any time, or find more information about our certified training partners at

We’ll see you in the classroom!