TransformEd: The Class of 2030

A teacher helps a student on a Surface device, with the headline "TransformEd: Class of 2030"

When today’s kindergarteners enter the workforce, up to 10% of the jobs will be in categories that don’t exist today. To help make sure all students are future-ready, we’re partnering with WE and Fair Chance Learning to support educators as they prepare the Class of 2030 for the world of tomorrow.

We’re excited to announce TransformEd! This initiative is a chance for educators across Canada to access research, resources, and professional connections as they work together for the good of today’s students and tomorrow’s changemakers. Whether you’re a teacher or a school leader, we’re ready to offer fresh insights and innovative tools for transforming education at your school. In the spirit of WE Schools’ WE Are One message, we’ll be helping advance technology’s ability to empower inclusion and drive worldwide impact. The Fair Chance Learning team will be providing their accessibility, inclusion, and edtech expertise in support of our mission to empower all students to achieve more.

To learn more, head over to You’ll find useful info, our research with McKinsey into the needs of the Class of 2030, and a toolkit to start transforming your classroom teaching. We’re also hosting a series of summits for teachers and school leaders in cities across Canada.

The Teach2030 summits are a chance for teachers to learn from education influencers, connect with peers, and earn their Future-Ready Certification by participating in hands-on workshops that unpack modern learning through technology.

Lead2030 summits invite school and district leaders for a morning of engagement with thought leaders and collaborative discussions with peers. We’ll be addressing some of the most important challenges and opportunities facing education in a rapidly evolving learning landscape.

We’ll also be hosting a summit for teachers and school leaders from French Canada.

Along with our partners, we’re excited and energized to see all of the innovation at work in Canadian classrooms, and to support educators as they prepare their students for a future of innovation, empathy, and empowered citizenship in the global community. Start down the path to transformation with us today and visit