Microsoft Canada at Connect Conference

A group of students work around a hologram, with the headline Connect 2019

Are you coming to Connect Conference 2019? The largest gathering of educators in Canada runs from April 30th to May 3rd, and we’ll be there to share in the excitement. This is a chance to explore a new idea, pick up a fresh skill, or get inspired to use an innovative piece of classroom technology. We want to let you in on a few of the Microsoft sessions you’ll be able to explore. We’ll have our whole team there to support you, so attend a session, find an idea that excites you, and connect with one of our experts!

First up, you don’t want to miss the session from our partners at Permission Click. Their platform is helping schools save time and eliminate paper waste with digital forms and payment options. On Wednesday, May 1st at 8:00 am in Room 202, hear about how a cutting-edge tool for parent communication revolutionized forms at Canada’s largest school board in Digitizing Parent Forms at TDSB with Permission Click. Join Shulin Dave, Manager of Information Management at TDSB, and Chris Johnson, Co-founder and CEO of Permission Click, for this collaborative session.

If you’re looking for an edtech deep dive, these intensive sessions explore topics or tools that’ll help maximize your inclusivity, productivity, connectivity, or future-ready learning.

Modern Device + Windows AutoPilot = Peanut Butter + Jelly: Wednesday, May 1st, 9:009:50 am, Room 201
Steven Stronach, National Lead, Education Device Strategy; David Kozera, National Technology Strategist
Learn about Windows 10, Autopilot, and their place in your school’s IT infrastructure.

Tools to Make Learning More Accessible: Wednesday, May 1st, 9:009:50 am, Room 202
Ammar Aquil, Learning Development Specialist
Experience the suite of Microsoft’s accessible learning tools, including Immersive Reader, Learning Tools, Microsoft Translator, and more.

Catching up with Windows 10 Modern Management: Wednesday, May 1st, 1:00–1:50 pm, Room 201
David Kozera, National Technology Strategist
Get insights into the power of Windows 10 for streamlining your school’s IT infrastructure.

Learning and Exploring Inclusivity with Minecraft: Wednesday, May 1st, 2:002:50 pm, Room 202
Coulter Lewis and Ammar Aquil, Learning Development Specialists
Discover game-based learning, and how Minecraft: Education Edition empowers inclusion

Modern Collaboration with Microsoft Teams: Wednesday, May 1st, 2:002:50 pm, Room 201
Greg Milligan, National Office 365 Education Lead
Experience the power of Microsoft Teams as a school-wide communication and collaboration platform.

Let’s Team Up: Getting Started with Microsoft Teams: Thursday, May 2nd, 9:009:50 am, Room 202
Coulter Lewis, Learning Development Specialist
This session will help you get started with Microsoft Teams for class management and student collaboration

Get Your Code On: Thursday, May 2nd, 1:00–1:50 pm, Room 202
Mario Asta, Learning Development Specialist
Find out what coding tools can do in your classroom with tools like micro:bit, MakeCode, and Minecraft: Education Edition

We also have a series of speedy sessions throughout the conference, all of them located in our Microsoft Learning Playground in the vendor hall. You can connect with Microsoft team members on a variety of topics for quick-tip sessions and demos of technology that can save you time and enhance classroom learning.

Enable Student Voice with Flipgrid: Wednesday, May 1st, 8:00 and 8:30 am
Learn about the most popular tool for empowering student voice through video.

Bring Presentations to Life: Wednesday, May 1st, 9:00 and 9:30 am
Sway is the simplest tool for creating and displaying presentations. See what it can do for your students.

Learn to Code: Wednesday, May 1st, 11:30 am
Block coding is a great introduction to computer science. Learn the basics with us.

OneNote Escape Rooms: Wednesday, May 1st, 12:00 and 12:30 pm
Escape rooms are all the rage, and with a few simple tricks, you can create a digital version in OneNote.

Tools to Transform the Classroom: Wednesday, May 1st, 1:00 and 1:30 pm
Emerging readers can now access cutting-edge technology with nothing more than a mobile device and Office 365. Find out how.

Painting in 3D: Wednesday, May 1st, 2:00 pm and 2:30 pm
Paint 3D adds a new dimension to creativity. Learn what it can accomplish in your classroom.

Bring Presentations to Life: Thursday, May 2nd, 8:00 and 8:30 am
See what’s new in PowerPoint. Real-time translation, 3D creations… It’s more than just a presentation tool!

Bring Media to Life: Thursday, May 2nd, 9:00 and 9:30 am
Windows 10 Photos has some amazing new capabilities. Discover what this handy tool can do.

Tools to Make Learning More Accessible: Thursday, May 2nd, 11:30 am
Learning Tools, Microsoft Translator, Seeing AI: new accessibility tools are making learning more inclusive than ever.

Learn to Code: Thursday, May 2nd, 12:00 and 12:30 pm
Block coding is an excellent introduction to computer science. Learn the basics with us.

Painting in 3d: Thursday, May 2nd, 1:00 and 1:30 pm
Paint 3D adds a new dimension to creativity. Learn what it can accomplish in your classroom.

Enable Student Voice with Flipgrid: Thursday, May 2nd, 2:00 and 2:30 pm
Learn about the most popular tool for empowering student voice through video.


There’s an incredible array of new tools to discover and ideas to explore. We’re looking forward to supporting Ontario’s teachers. Register for the sessions that spark your interest, and let’s connect!