Educator Expedition: The Education Exchange Experience

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Let us tell you about E2: Education Exchange. Every year, innovative teachers and school leaders from around the world gather in a different city to share ideas and inspiration about teaching with technology. Past locations include Toronto and Singapore, and this year’s event was held in Paris! The days are full of collaborative sessions, keynotes from education thought leaders, and chances to explore the city. Each educator also has the opportunity to share their own Innovation Project, a showcase of the ways that they’ve used technology in the classroom and the outcomes they’ve seen.

This year, we’re giving Canadian teachers the chance to start down the road to E2 with the Microsoft Educator Expedition. It’s a chance to earn your way to E2—including free admission, flight, and accommodations—by completing free online courses and activities that build your edtech teaching skills. Through the Educator Expedition, you’ll become a certified Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert and be eligible to attend the 2020 Education Exchange. You can learn all about the Educator Expedition here.

What can you expect at Education Exchange? Two of our Canadian attendees had fantastic things to say about this year’s event. Colleen Horzelenberg is a grade two teacher from Ontario with a passion for student voice. Her Innovation Project illustrated how Flipgrid empowers students to grow their confidence, co-learn, and think big—even at a young age! Here’s what she had to say about E2:
Hands down, learning all the ideas from fellow educators around the world and being privy to the amazing keynote speakers is such a gift. What a great idea to put us in groups, mixing them up and putting us with people we would never have regularly met. I’ve been hearing again and again how amazing this has been. Microsoft is showing its commitment to empowering students by continuing to encourage educators and empower us as teachers. It’s that contagion theory: we’re around this and feed off of it, and it’s so different than going to regular teacher workshops. Being here is so invigorating. They should keep doing what they’re doing!

Yves Laliberté, a principal at a French-language school in Northern Ontario, has been instrumental in implementing STEAM education. He shared how his school’s updated library became a space for collaboration, inquiry, and exploring global citizenship. It was especially valuable for giving girls a forum to engage with STEAM. Yves also shared his experience:
A lot of people are cheering you on, and it’s very inspirational because you see what other people are doing in the classroom. This inspires you to get going and implement their ideas in your own school. And the energy level… you can’t help but go home all pumped up! You also see what you’re doing well, and where you’re ahead of the curve in certain areas. But other things have inspired me, from all different fields—how people are integrating technology into studying the history of social sciences, and other great ideas. I looked forward to chatting with my staff when I got home, and I’m sure that by the end of the school year and over the summer, quite a few of them will be submitting a Sway to become M.I.E. Experts. There’s quite a few of them that deserve it, and they’re ready!

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This is a rare experience to connect with teachers from around the world and collaborate to empower students with fresh perspectives. We want you to join us! If you’re eager to build your teaching skills and earn the chance to attend the Education Exchange for free, set out on the Educator Expedition today.

We’ll see you on the world stage 🌎